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Water is the most precious thing on Earth

As more attention today is focused on the shortages of clean water in every country
we begin to realize that we can't live without it

States like Texas have a large influx of new residents who move here to experience the beauty and wonders
of our state with abundant fishing, boating and water sports.

But an ominous problem is brewing. Texas is rapidly running out of fresh, clean water.

According to the Texas Water Development board, we will not have enough water for the population growth we are currently experiencing without radical changes in the ways we use, conserve and produce water.

Add to that sobering fact the deep drought cycles we have been experiencing in the last few years
and you have recipie for disaster. Even in wet years, we are seeing a downward trend in the ability to provide
fresh water for domestic, commercial and recreational use

One of the best, time-tested methods of providing clean water for yourself is rainwater catchment.
This is the method of catching rainwater for your personal use. The water can be used for irrigation, livestock
and even personal use, like drinking and hygiene.

In the State of Texas we have fairly liberal laws for rainwater catchment and it is officially promoted. Until recently, there was very few restrictions on catching and using rainwater. In the last few years the emphasis on safe water within homes led to the Legislature passing new laws concerning the use of rainwater in residences. At this time, in order for rainwater to be piped into a home for any purpose requires a licensed plumber with a special certification, called an endorsement. This endorsement is the Water System Protection Specialist (WSPS) from the Texas State Plumbing Board.

Pat has earned this certification as well as his Responsible Master Plumbing license.
He is one of the few plumbers with this endorsement and one of the very few who concentrate
on rainwater harvesting.

His first plumbing license was earned in 1969 and his Master license in 1975

He also completed training from the American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association (ARCSA) to qualify as an Accredited Professional (AP) in 2013.

He has been installing rainwater systems since 1999. Some have been large systems and some are smaller. It doesn't
matter what size the client desires, all systems are treated with the same respect and care.

Pat has taught his two seminars,  Sustainable Water for Homesteads and Sustainable Methods of Purifying Water for the Homestead at the Homestead Fair in Waco, Texas each Thanksgiving weekend for seven years and the seminar
Sustainable Methods of Purifying Water for the Homestead  at the Mother Earth News Fair in Belton, Texas for the last three years. He is available to teach these and other seminars you might be interested in bringing to your area
Call or write to the contact numbers below for more information.

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We are also working with farm and ranch designers to modify
land use and drainage to bring back native grasses and feed the aquifers
making the land water rich and giving livestock secure, clean
water sources. We like to use solar pumping to supply water in a
sustainable way

We hope we can answer any questions you might have concerning
rainwater catchment, methods, uses, purification and design. Give us a call or email at the contact numbers below.

Photo Gallery of systems coming soon

You can download the pdf documents from the 2013-2018 Homestead Craft Fair seminars here.



Pat Chesney
Sustainable Living Consultant

State of Texas Master Plumber holding a WSPS endorsement

Rainwater Harvesting, Water Purification, Plumbing, Aquaponics, Energy Conservation, Energy Generation
Solar Water Heating, Solar PV and More



Master Plumber-State of Texas-License #40812 with the
Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS) Endorsement

Certified ARCSA AP 2013
Member of ARCSA
The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association since 2013

Certified HERS Rater 2007-2013

Regulated by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners       929 East 41st St.,  Austin, TX 78751       (800) 845-6584        tsbpe.texas.gov