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Homestead Fair Sustainability Handouts

Click on the handouts you wish to download.

The PowerPoint pdf documents are on the left and the seminar handouts are on the right.
The files may be large. Please be patient as they download.

New-Collecting and Storing Water for the Homestead-PowerPoint
79.6 mb
Collecting and Storing Water for the Homestead-handout
These are old but still contains most of the data

New-Purifying Water Using Sustainable Methods-PowerPoint
6.7 mb

Spreadsheet for calculating dose for chlorinating water 

Purifying Water Using Sustainable Methods-handout
These are old but still contains most of the data

From the 2013 Fair only

Introduction to Aquaponics-PowerPoint

From the 2013 Fair only

Introduction to Aquaponics-handout

Here is the Slow Sand Filter calculator spreadsheet. Click here to download. 703kb
Here is the diagram of the sand filter build. Click here to download. 192kb
Here is a pdf of the calculations for building a SSF in a standard blue barrel with 10
      inches of head. Normal costs of materials are given. Click here to download. 63.9 kb


The sand filter plans are dynamic according to what you build with. I have given you a spreadsheet
to enable you to build a filter using your own vessel. Example build diagrams are included.
The PowerPoint download for the Purifying Water seminar has a diagram and photos of building a filter.

I corrected the example build in the spreadsheet to be 10 inches of head rather than 12 inches
and made some other tweaks and uploaded a new spreadsheet on 12/6/2015

12 inches of head is too close to the safe zone for my comfort.
Replace any versions you downloaded earlier and get the corrected one now
Thank you.


Pat Chesney
Sustainable Living Consultant

Rainwater Harvesting, Water Purification, Plumbing, Aquaponics, Energy Conservation, Energy Generation
Solar Water Heating, Solar PV and More



Master Plumber-State of Texas-License #40812 with the
Water Supply Protection Specialist (WSPS) Endorsement

Certified ARCSA AP 2013
Member of ARCSA
The American Rainwater Catchment Systems Association since 2013

Certified HERS Rater 2007-2013

Regulated by the Texas State Board of Plumbing Examiners    929 East 41st St.,  Austin, TX 78751     (800) 845-6584